Big Elk Bull's Last March with Antlers

Big Elk Bull's Last March with Antlers before shedding and beginning to grow a new set for the upcoming Rutting Season.

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Big Elk Bulls Anxious to Shed their Antlers

Big Elk Bulls Anxious to Shed their Antlers and start re-growth right away for the next Elk Rutting Season. This is the time of year that the larger Bulls begin shedding their antlers. Younger Elk Bulls may shed their months from now.

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Elk Rut at it's Peak - 5 Bull River Action Bugles

At he height of the Elk Rut, 5 Elk Bulls try to gain courting access to Cows crossing Athabasca River. The River serves as a territory boundary that is crossed often by both Cows and Bulls during the Rut. The high activity and amount of Bugling is common at the height of the Rut, when many Cows are in Estrus. While some Bulls are still not sure where they rank, you can see the hierarchy in this small location unfold by the end of the video. Finally, the Boss on this particular Day receives acceptance from the cow and calf, granting his request.

Elk Rut on Video

Elk Herd Traversing Athabasca River in Front of Beautiful Mountain Range

Elk herd traverses Athabasca River in front of a Beautiful Mountain range containing Mount Edith Cavell and Whistlers Mountain. This is near the end of the Elk Rut and this herd was moving on this day without a dominant Elk Bull. In these cases it is usually a Matriarch Elk Cow that leads the herd.

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Magnificent Elk Bull Guarding His Harem During the Rut

This Magnificent ruling Elk Bull did not face much opposition while Guarding His Harem During the Rut this year. He should go into Winter this year still in great condition, which is often rare for ruling Elk Bulls.

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Magnificent Bull Elk Lakeside with His Ladies

Occasionally, a Magnificent Elk Bull will move his herd to one of the remote Lakes and take some reprieve from the constant onslaught of competitors. This was a Beautiful Day, probably for Both them and Us to witness. This ruling Bull has lots of years in Him yet, and He seems to learn faster than some of His counterparts.

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Elk Bull Boss Claims Athabasca River

This Elk Bull Boss answered Bugles from another large Bull on the other side of Athabasca River. He came across and not only claimed the territory, but seemed to increase the size of his Herd as well. During the Elk Rut, Elk will cross this River very often to rest or cover more ground. You can see they are great swimmers, having no problem with this strong current.

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Active Elk Bull Bugling and Courting

With 4 Rivals in the immediate area, this Active Elk Bull still managed to stay in charge, Bugling and Courting receptive Cows during the Elk Rut.

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Magnificent New Elk Bull Boss

A Magnificent New Elk Bull Boss arrives and takes over the prime Elk Rut territory. This Elk Bull was quick to dominate the Bugles and Cow Courting in this area, with no rivals sticking around to challenge him.

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Aggressive Elk Bull Herding and Courting

It was still a little smokey on this evening, but this Aggressive Elk Bull intended to make his mark now. You can see this Elk bull has a Strong Bugle, temperament, instincts and genetics that will likely carry him a long way this Elk Rut, even with larger Rivals. Much of this shows herding and courting behavior during the Elk Rut.

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Elk Bull Herding Cars and Cows

This energetic Elk Bull did the best He could under the circumstances, during the beginning of the Elk Rut. He has since managed to move this herd to a more isolated spot.

Elk Rut on Video

Elk - Wapiti Rutting Season

The Elk Rut
Elk Bulls put on a lot of weight as their testosterone increases and they have access to much more nutritious food. Bugles, Battles and Breeding will be taking over this Beautiful area as Bulls fight to claim or hold their territories' throne
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The Elk Rut Season

The Active Elk Rut Season Time and Duration

The elk rut season is from late August through October, with some breeding activity continuing into November. Male elk, or elk bulls, are much more aggressive during this time. The peak of the elk rut season is when the most elk breeding activity occurs. During the elk rut season, there is lots of bugling, cow elk communication, and elk movement. During elk rutting season, bull elk may attack anything that comes close to them or their mates, which provides protection for the herd.

The Peak of Elk Rut Season

The peak of elk rut season lasts up to 10 days when a ratio of light and dark, along with a colder snap, causes hormones in cow elk to flow(estrus cycle). Each cow comes into estrus at slightly different times during the elk rut season. While elk cows won't all go into estrus during the peak, it is called the peak of the elk rut season because most will.